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Welcome to our user-friendly Generator! Creating a clear and informative file is essential for effectively presenting your project to users, contributors, and potential collaborators. With our intuitive tool, you can easily generate well-structured files by providing key project details, descriptions, installation instructions, usage examples, and more. Simplify the process and make a great first impression with your project's documentation. Let's get started!


  • To bolden the text, wrap it with two asterisks (*) (**word**)
  • To italisize the text, wrap it with one asterisk (*) (*word*)
  • To strikethrough the text, wrap it with two tildes (~) (~~word~~)
  • Code Blocks: Highlight code with backticks for inline code or triple backticks for code blocks.
  • Lists: Create ordered and unordered lists by using numbers or dashes.
  • To make a link, place the link text in brackets and the url in parentheses ([link](
  • To make an example icon image, place an !, the alt text in brackets, and the url in parentheses (![github](/images/icon.png))


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